Course: Managing Sensitive Issues

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for anyone who manages or supervises employees and for anyone else who provides support and guidance to others on how to deal with sensitive matters.

Course Objectives

  • This course will help managers to:
  • Deal with awkward situations in a practical, professional and dignified manner
  • Understand the legal risks involved in tackling sensitive issues
  • Resolve matters whilst protecting the Company and the dignity of those involved

Example Course Content

Introduction and objectives

Appearance, Grooming and Hygiene Issues
– Company dress codes
– Duty of trust and confidence
– Tackling the issue sensitively

Alcohol and Drug Use Workplace
– Identifying a problem
– Using drink and drugs at work
– Using drink and drugs outside of work
– The affect upon performance
– Tackling the issue sensitively

Criminal Conduct
– Your internal procedures
– Following a fair procedure
– Involving the police
– Criminal conduct outside of work

Stress At Work
– Identifying the problem
– Tackling the cause of the problem
– Agreeing a way forward