Course: Tackling Bad Employee Behaviour

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for any manager who has responsibility for tackling employee behaviour at work or who provides advice to others on tackling conduct issues.

Course Objectives

This course will help managers to:

  • Tackle issues directly and with confidence
  • Follow fair procedures
  • Reach sound decisions

Example Course Content

Introduction and objectives

– What is Misconduct?
– How to identify misconduct issues
– Evidence versus proof
– Informal and Formal Responses
– Fairness
– Legal requirements
– Company procedures

Preparing for a Hearing
– Who can conduct a hearing?
– Understanding the purpose of the hearing
– Important process points
– Tackling initial problems
– Chairing a Disciplinary Hearing
– Setting the scene
– Who attends and why?
– Key steps to follow
– Questioning techniques
– Dealing with difficult employees

Reaching a Decision
– Weighing up evidence
– Possible outcomes
– Reaching a sound decision
– Communicating a decision