Welcome to 360 HR: HR when you need it

We work with all types of businesses, small and large, across a whole range of industries.

Some businesses are not yet ready to set up their own in-house HR role, but need some HR expertise from time to time.  Others have their own HR departments but need specialist knowledge, training delivery or just an extra pair of hands.

We provide hands-on HR support, acting as an outsourced HR resource and giving practical guidance exactly when it is needed.  From drafting a single letter to full blown consultation projects, we provide practical and commercial solutions to help companies resolve difficult employment issues effectively.

We also design and deliver management training courses that provide managers with the knowledge and skills they need to tackle people issues with confidence.  By maximizing the effectiveness of managers we maximise business performance, reduce costs and minimize legal risks.

Using a simple “pay as you go” fee structure, companies can access the support they need without being committed to a retainer or tied-in for a fixed period.

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