Course: Effective Recruitment

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for managers and HR professionals who have responsibility for recruitment or who are involved in the interview and/or selection process.

Course Objectives

This course will help managers to:

  • Identify the key factors of the search
  • Understand competencies and how these can be used
  • Assess and decide which selection methods are most appropriate
  • Understand and avoid legal pitfalls during the recruitment process
  • Improve their ability to select the best candidate

Example Course Content

Introduction and objectives

Importance of Recruitment Process
– Distinguishing features
– Hiring mistakes
– Defining the Search
– Assessing the job requirements
– Defining the ideal candidate
– Competencies

Selection Methods
– Choosing appropriate methods
– Reliability and validity
– Equal Opportunities

Exposure to risks
– Liability and burden of proof
– Direct and indirect discrimination
– Sex, race, age and disability factors

– Choosing appropriate criteria
– Avoiding dangerous assumptions
– Scoring systems

– Different purposes
– Questioning
– Perceptual errors

Making Decisions
– Evaluating information
– Scoring and applying weightings
– Providing feedback

Forming Contracts
– How contracts are formed

Discussions with successful candidates