Employment Tribunal Support

Employers that are represented at an Employment Tribunal significantly increase their chance of winning or reducing the potential award against them.  If you have received a claim against you we can:

  • Complete and submit your Response for you
  • Provide you with an assessment of your prospects of success
  • Calculate the likely value of the claim
  • Advise you on the tactical options available and make recommendations
  • Liaise with all parties on your behalf
  • Deal with Tribunal Directions and Orders
  • Negotiate with ACAS, the Claimant and/or their representative
  • Gather all appropriate documentation
  • Prepare witness statements
  • Represent you at the hearing
  • There are tight timescales involved in presenting a Response and complying with Directions and Orders.

Whether you are looking for “on the record” representation or just some advice behind the scenes, contact us for further information.