Course: Managing Sickness Absence

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for managers and team leaders who are responsible for managing teams and staff sickness and for anyone who provides advice to others on managing sickness absence.

Course Objectives

This course will help managers to:

  • Tackle sickness absence head on and in a fair and effective way
  • Understand the legal requirements of disability discrimination and fair dismissals
  • Identify different categories of sickness absence and implement an appropriate process to manage the situation
  • Identify reasonable adjustments and rehabilitation
  • Decide when to end the employment relationship in appropriate situations

Example Course Content

Introduction and objectives

Attitudes to Absence
– Traditional management
– Changing attitudes

Absence Myths
– Fair dismissals
– Disability
– Impact of absence
– Confidentiality

Misconduct verses Capability
– Genuine sickness
– Types of sickness/absences
– Suspicious absences
– Challenging absences

Management Processes
– Return to work interviews
– Triggers
– Cautions
– Frequent short term absences
– Long term ill health

Medical Information
– Gaining consent
– Getting what you need
– Reasonable adjustments