Course: Unlawful Discrimination

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for managers who are responsible for managing staff issues in the workplace and for anyone else who provides advice to others on dealing with inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.

Course Objectives

  • This course will help managers to:
  • Understand the meaning of unlawful discrimination
  • Understand the Company’s and individuals’ responsibilities and liabilities
  • Reduce the risk of tribunal claims
  • Identify and tackle inappropriate behaviour at work
  • Manage working relationships going forward
  • Reach unbiased decisions

Example Course Content

Introductions and objectives

What is unlawful discrimination?
– Defining discrimination
– When does it become unlawful
– Who is protected

Types of discriminatory behaviour
– Direct discrimination
– Indirect discrimination
– Workplace behaviour

– Risks for the business
– Risks for managers
– Tribunal claims
– Burden of proof
– Reducing the risks

Discrimination in detail
– Sex discrimination and associated risks
– Race discrimination and associated risks
– Age discrimination and associated risks
– Disability discrimination

Behaviour at work
– Bullying
– Harassment
– Banter at work
– Victimisation

Taking Action
– Investigating complaints
– Taking formal action
– Concluding matters

Breakdown in relationships
– Managing the aftermath
– Mediation between colleagues