If an employee is unable to get into work because of adverse weather, are we still obliged to pay their wages?

Unless you have contractually promised to provide transport for employees to and from work, the onus is on the employees to get to work regardless of the weather conditions. If employees fail to turn up for work in these circumstances, you are under no obligation to pay them. Alternatively, you could allow your employees to make up the time or take the day as holiday.

If our workplace was forced to close for the day or part of a day and we sent our employees home, should they still be paid?

If you have to close your business premises at short notice because of unforeseen circumstances such as flooding, fire or the current bad weather, this results in a period of “lay-off”. Unless your employees expressly consent to being laid off without pay (unlikely), or you have a contractual right to lay employees off without pay, they will be entitled to receive their normal pay for the period that they are unable to work due to your business being closed.